Designing the right shielding solution is an exact science requiring vast knowledge and experience in all phases of shielding design, manufacture, installation, and testing. Since the architect or builder cannot be expected to possess all the expertise necessary, it is essential they choose a shielding company with knowledge and experience in shielding across the entire spectrum. Global Partners in Shielding, Inc. is one such company. In fact, we are the only designer, manufacturer, and installer of shielding solutions which can provide "Total Spectrum Shielding" across the entire electromagnetic spectrum. This unique edge in our market gives us the ability to provide a range of services.


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MRI equipment utilizes a strong magnetic field to generate images. To obtain the optimal performance the equipment needs minimal RF noise in the surrounding environment. The RF noise is frequencies of radio and magnetic waves which are measured in Decibel (dB) units. The critical frequency range for most MRI equipment is from 50 MHz to 150 MHz. To determine the Shielding Effectiveness (SE) a series of test are performed at different locations throughout the enclosure. These tests utilize specialized equipment to transmit and receive RF noise at a specified frequency in accordance to set of standards specified by the equipment vendor. To simplify the explanation of this process we will omit the technical details and focus on the general ideas behind the testing procedure.

The test starts by placing a Transmit Antenna (TX) outside the enclosure that transmits a specified amount of RF noise (dB) at a specific frequency. Then the technician takes the Receive Antenna (RX) inside the enclosure and closes the door. The Shielding Effectiveness (SE) is then determined by the difference in dB once the door is closed. This difference in value is typically referred to as the shielding attenuation. Below is chart that illustrates the enclosure performance levels based on the attenuation value.

The typical day for an MRI tech is usually packed with patients and every minute is crucial. Tech's are constantly running in and out of the RF room, helping the patient and getting ready for the next scan. Because of this significant traffic, the door is the most utilized component of the RF enclosure. Due to its high usage, the door is exposed to wear and tear and if not maintained, it can lead to artifacts on your images. At Global, we understand how valuable time is for an your techs and are prepared to deal with any and all issues that arise with your MRI doors, even in the event of an emergency. Global Partners in Shielding has the solution for all RF door issues including doors that we did not manufacture. If you are experiencing issues with your door or think you may need a routine maintenance, please give us a call today!