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Swinging Door


The high-security latching mechanism ensures the door is secure and no person without access can enter.


The GT Auto-Latch doors electrical components allow for access control to only approved persons. It is compatible with all card-reader and keypad options.


The automatic door closer makes sure the door closes at all times. It works in tandem with the high-security latch to eliminate accidental walk-ins.


Mul-T-Lock's mechanical platform integrates advanced technology for premium security together with advanced & heightened key control.

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Sliding Door

Our fully automatic Sliding RF Door features a completely pneumatic operating system and stainless steel design ideal for multiple bay operating suites. This door is offered in single or double leaf designs and offers similar safety and security features as our Auto-Latch RF Door.

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Waveguide Vents

All HVAC access points into the RF shielded enclosure will be treated with a hex cell honeycomb waveguide vent assembly. The waveguide hex cell geometry is sized for optimal performance at the design specification.

1/4" x 3/4" Honeycomb Cell
Shield Effectiveness
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Power Filter

Power, signal, and communication lines need to run through a power filter. Electrical filters eliminate the unwanted RF signals by displacing them to ground. Every conductor which penetrates the shield, including neutral and signal return lines, must be filtered. Grounding wires must be bonded directly to the shield via the ground buss bar.

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RF shielded windows are factory fabricated double layer, free of moiré pattern, non-reflective black coating with shielding equivalent to the enclosure.

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Pipe Penetrations

Type 1

RF Pipe Penetration is a pass-thru style. RF mesh gasket is wrapped around the metallic pipe being passed through and bonded to the RF Pipe Penetration with stainless steel clamps. RF gasket connection is completed after magnet delivery because it may cause a hard ground if no dielectric is used (typ. for med gas).

Type 2

RF Pipe Penetration is a pass-thru style. Non-metallic pipes or tubes can be passed through using this penetration.

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Ground Monitoring Module

Most, if not all, RF enclosures have a strict requirement for a single point ground. To achieve this, the enclosure is isolated (floating) from the building ground throughout the construction process and grounded to the building at the conclusion of the project. When the room is under construction a ground alarm is connected to the enclosure to monitor the isolation.


  • Utilizes standard 110VAC power eliminating the need for battery replacement throughout the project. The batteries used for battery operated ground monitors die and need to be replaced frequently. Once the batteries die, there is no indication if/when the room is grounded.
  • Built-in “Ground Time Stamp” which indicates the date and time a room is grounded. Owners and contractors will know exactly who was in the room at the time the room was grounded and what may have been done to ground the room.
  • Smart technology indicating ground at 1k ohms, and two warning stages at 10k ohms and at 5k ohms. This proves useful during the construction phase because the shield can be monitored in real time and addressed before it becomes critical.
  • Provided at no additional cost with each enclosure.
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Quench Vents

Cryogen vent systems are an essential part to a MRI’s functionality. MRI machines use liquid helium to cool down the superconductive magnet’s coil. As cryogens are released to keep the magnet cool, they evaporate into odorless, colorless, and tasteless gases and must be vented safely out of the building with the use of a cryogen vent pipe. Global Partners in Shielding, Inc. specializes in the supply and installation of these pipe systems. We are familiar with the different specifications of each magnet and can assist in the design calculations before the system is installed.

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